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Covid-19 and Relationships

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

     During the unusual era we are experiencing around the country in social isolation, we can view this as an opportunity to make our relationships better. Yes, it may seem that our worst may be on display during this stressful time. Take a moment to sit with your feelings of anxiety or even grief, that our life is not the same. Have a conversation with your spouse, family or friends that you are in isolation with. What are the weak areas? How can personal and interpersonal frustration be mitigated? Reduce the impact of irritations. The flip side is, what are you good at? What are the strengths of your relationships? Leverage the healthy side and build tenacity. Perhaps re-visit what activities you did when you were dating or when you were a kid. With the enormous restrictions on our previous abilities to entertain ourselves, can we find a way to connect on a different level? We have the time. The significant question is, “What will we do with our time?” Learn from this unique era in history. Don’t let the struggle lose significance. Learn from Covid19 to place your marriage in a priority position, not the left-over time slot it has been in before social isolation. 

Check out The Happiness Lab for an interesting relationship perspective from Dr. Laurie Santos

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